Logical analysis

Marta Petrusewicz writes: “Apart from the usual generic attack on the Manna Administration’s actions, De Franco takes it specifically with the project” Residences for Artists, Writers and Scholars in the Ancient Village of Rende “, a project of which I consider myself proudly author. Denunciation De Franco: “We will give € 4,000” to wealthy writers “migratory from Lombardy” (mind the lucre!), Who come to “the summer away from the heat of Lombardy” and whose presence “will not have any positive effect for la Vecchia Rende “, in the absence of” no vision of the enhancement of the territory “. And, perhaps, all this with public money ???? “.

Logical analysis: The actions to enhance the territory are implemented by offering the visitor-visitor a harmonious “product” in which all the “actors” are involved with the aim of making the visit an “experience good” that produces a positive word of mouth. In the case in question, there is no intervention on the territory, nor any involvement of local “actors”. The result will be that there will be no positive effects for the Vecchia Rende.

Marta Petrusewicz writes: “Just like in the Soviet joke -” Is it true that …? “. “Yes, it’s true, but …” – here too the opposite is true, dear De Franco: we do not give € 4,000 to two rich artists, but we offer them hospitality in the historic center; not a holiday, but a creative residence; not summer, but annual; not empty of contents, but with a precise idea of reviving our and other villages through intellectual immigration. »

Logical analysis: This sentence reminds me of one of Tartaglia’s triplets: “If you want to solve the equation” a cube and things give a given number “, find two numbers whose difference is the number given and whose product is equal to the cube of a third of things. Then the solution will be the difference between the cubic roots of the two numbers ». A mathematician would simply represent it like this: “x3 + ax = b”.

Marta Petrusewicz writes: «… but with a precise idea of reviving our and other villages through intellectual immigration. The modest sum of about 300 euros a month for twelve months comes not from the public funds, but – as it should be – from civil society, through the sponsorship of illuminated banks and businesses. I would like to point out to De Franco that the project “Residences for Artists, Writers and Scholars in the Ancient Village of Rende”, has been in the public domain for several months, illustrated in the press, included in the draft Urban Agenda, submitted to the 1st Council Committee of Rende: Institutional Affairs, Social Policies and Culture. If they only wanted to, De Franco and Together for Rende, they would have every chance to get information. ”

Logical analysis: But does the Urban Agenda center or not? It would seem not since the “holiday” was sponsored. In this regard it would be interesting to know what the bank is and who the private is. It would be interesting to read the motivation for sponsoring the bank and the name of the bank. I suppose it can not be the Cooperative Credit Bank Medio Crati because it is treasurer of the City and certainly the attentive president would not succumb to pressure or demands from the clear electoral flavor. The attentive president of the Bcc Medio Crati would have realized that it would be an ethical “donation” also because the bank won a tender and could not “reciprocate” anything. In these cases prudence is always advisable. For these reasons I exclude that it may be the Bcc Medio Crati.

Marta Petrusewicz writes: “As I said, it is a pilot project from which, I am sure, even the inhabitants of the Historic Center will gain an advantage, cultural and not only, in a prolonged and daily contact with the creatives. Thanks to the actions of this kind, the synergy between culture and development is concrete. As an “international” scholar, I had used similar residences in North Carolina, Princeton, Berlin and Florence. And each of these experiences led me to get to know and converse with the locals and to establish lasting and fruitful working and human ties. ”

Logical analysis: “International” scholar Petrusewicz is right. But as an administrator he is wrong. It is certainly an illustrious professor, a world-class scientist, who gives prestige to Rende and to the University of Calabria. But a Municipality administrator is a different thing. A good administrator would have favored the “growth” of local talent instead of paying two rich holidays.

Gianfranco De Franco
Secretary of Insieme per Rende

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